ATIEH hospitals’ pharmacy is on duty as follows 24 hours a day:

1-    Supplying drugs for hospital dispensary
2-    Supplying single-prescription medicines.
3-    Supplying general instrument consumption.
4-    Supplying special instruments on doctors’ demands
5-    Supplying drugs for nation-wide dispensary out of hospital’s share.
6-    Standard maintenance of medicines and equipment.
7-    Maintenance and servicing of the 2 storages of the daily operation theatre.
8-    Maintenance and servicing of the 24hours operation theatre storage.
9-    Distributing the medicines to all sections on 24 hours a day.
10-    Supplying and completing the trolley cad instruments and medicines  for the whole hospital
11-    Single preparation of prescriptions.
12-    Distributing emergency drugs to all departments.
13-    24 hours servicing for the emergency room patients.

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