In this clinic by using one of the most advanced methods (E.S.W.T) some orthopedic problems such as elbow, shoulder and lumbar region pains are treated.

One of the best cases to use this method is treating healing issues or late healing. Most patients dealing with healing issues are operated for the second time which the results are not always satisfactory.

By using E.S.W.T method, intense and high frequency sound waves are transferred to the area where no healing has taken place and causes stimulation and awakening of the osteoid tissue which on its turn activates osteogenesis and healing process. This procedure is just a casual operation and there is no need for surgery or general anesthesia and the cost is comparatively cheaper than a surgical operation.

This method has been used for so many years across Europe and it’s been quite successful. Also in orthopedic shock-therapy clinic of Atieh hospital the results are brilliant and most patients have been quite satisfied.

One of the other orthopedic issues which have been successfully treated with this method is avascular necrosis of the femur or A.V.N. considering the many years of experience in treating the A.V.N of femur head by E.S.W.T method, today many patients are referred to this clinic for treatment.
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