The services given in PEGAH section are:
-Preparing chemo therapy medicines for all the patients admitted in the hospital
-Training the entire hospital staff while preparing the medication.
-Conducting one-session chemo therapy for the patients.
-Training patients in terms of nutrition and how to fight the adverse effects of chemotherapy.
-Recovering the patient in case of having allergy or hyper sensitivity reaction to medicines.
-Performing bone marrow biopsy.
-Personnel laboratory investigation regarding the adverse effects of preparing chemotherapy medicines, once in 6 months( personnel eso check), answering patients and companions questions on the phone, consulting and referring them to hospitals.
-Instructing patients in finding rare medications.
-Port placement in case of chemotherapy patients.
-Performing chemotherapy through port.
-Heparinization of the port.
-Performing music therapy for patients.
-Training the patients and the companions on how to deal with the END STAGE patients and the mechanism of pain relief in these patients.
-Keeping in touch with the patients and enquiring about their status even after dismissal as well as conducting training classes for the companions.

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