Head nurse: N.Zarei

It Is the main operation theatre of the hospital. Majority of plastic surgeries, general, orthopedic, urology, ophthalmic, pediatric, cardiac, T.U.L, T.U.R, E.N.T, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, neuro surgeries and thorax surgeries are performed in here.


Operation theatre equipment includes:
1. Advanced arthroscopy machine for diagnostic and therapeutic surgeries of knees, shoulders, wrists and ankles.
2. Laparoscope machine for gynecologic and general surgeries.
3. Sinus endoscopy machine for diagnostic and reparative E.N.T surgeries.
4. T.U.L machine for urologic operations.
5. Microscope for delicate surgeries such as ophthalmic, E.N.T, brain and neuro surgeries.
6. Advanced C-ARM machine which has 3D imaging and recording capabilities during surgeries.  
7. Fully automatic autoclave machine with 12 programs. One of the features of the autoclave machine is the ability to sterilize by formaldehyde method instead of ethyl oxide method. (Center Supply Sterile Department, C.S.S.D).
8. Recovery with sufficient expansion for 8 beds which are equipped with complete monitoring of infusion pump and convective warming machine system that prevents the patient from hypothermia.
9. Pharmacy specified to the operation theatre equipped with the required necessities.


Heart operation theatre equipments includes:
2 cardio pump machines, 2 heater-cooler machine and balloon pump, ACT device, adjacency to I.C.U.O.H, cardiac laboratory and anesthetic device equipped C.C.D. cell saver device with the ability of purifying or refining the patients suctioned blood and reinjection of  it to him/her.

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