Ghazal section or pediatrics section
Dear kids are benefitted from facilities such as choosing their own food (according to standard dietary regimens), toys,  watching cartoons and I a new innovation they can get to different sections by battery charged vehicles.

-Ghazal 1 section is the general pediatrics section
All rooms are fitted with essential and sufficient equipment for patients’ comfort which include T.V and D.V.D player for patient’s companion, air conditioning and distinct washing chambers.
The V.I.P room besides having all the above mentioned facilities includes: micro oven, tea maker, 2 retractable coaches and rechargeable toy car.

- Ghazal 2 is surgical pediatrics section
In Ghazal (pediatric) section of Atieh hospital a group of pediatric gastro-enterologists, pathologists, neurologists, orthopedics and excretory system specialists are present.
We also have to mention that a few pediatricians are on call 24 hours a day and ready to give services to admitted kids and emergency patients.

Ghazal (pediatrics) section, in order to prevent hospital transmitted diseases, has been divided to general and surgical sections.
All kids are checked about their health status by their nurses through phone even after being dismissed and parents are informed in case of any problems.
In all of the rooms essential facilities are provided even for 24 hours presence of mothers by their babies’ side.

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