The nursery section includes admission of the baby, delivering the baby from the delivery  room, checking the wrist band with the sole tag in presence of the delivering nurse and keeping the baby in the the first hour of the baby’s birth the baby will be sent to recovery for performing skin to skin contact. 

Nursery services include:
Admission of the new born babies from Milad operation theatre
Admission and vaccination of the mother’s companion and baby
Performing the skin to skin procedure and training the mothers.
Visiting and taking care of the babies,
Admission includes vaccination, hepatitis and B.C.G injection, injection of vitamin k and checking the anus,
Dressing the mother immediately after arriving at the ladies ward, transferring the baby for performing Rooming IN plan and training the mothers while they admitted
Performing successful milking and pursuing this training even after themother is dismissed.
Usually babies with yellowish onsets with photo therapy are admitted here.Also babies diagnosed with hypoglycemia and hypocalcaemiaare treated by serum therapy and injection glucose with high concentration serums as well as intra dermal injection of calcium.
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