This section has 2 distinct sectors
1. POST CATH LAB: it has 7 beds equipped with central monitors which can record blood pressure, pulse and body temperature.
In this sector patients are prepared for angiography and admitted afterwards for sheath extraction and post-angiography care.
This sector has portable and central oxygen, potable and central suction, central and portable pulse oximetry machine and electro-cardiogram machine.2 nurses and an assistant take proper and kind care of the patients in this section.
2. CATH LAB: CATH lab sector which is the same as angiography room is equipped with a General Electric angiography machine, electro shock machine, EPS system for conducting electro-physiologic studies, portable and central IVUS pulse oximetrymachine,  central and portable oxygen and suction and a temporary pace maker generator. 
This section is one of the most completed sections from technology and facilities aspect.
Heart and vessels angiography, brain vessels angiography, organs and carotid angiography, heart vessel’s angioplasty, organs and carotid angioplasty, infantile angiography and angioplasty, diagnostic electro-physiology, ablation, temporary pace maker, permanent single and double chambered pace maker, filter emplacement, emplacement of permanent port for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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