Atieh hospitals’ emergency room is active 24hrs a day and it’s prepared to service all emergency and non-emergency patients. In addition to that other equipment and facilities of the hospital are on “stand-by “ and ready to support if required.Expansion of the emergency section took place at the beginning of Esfand 89 is response to increase in number and demands of the emergency patients.
13 adult beds+3 infant beds+1 incubator
Independent CT SCAN in emergency room
3 E.C.G machines-Echo cardiography Machine,2 Suctions
2 portable monitors-2 fixed monitors
2 D.C Fibrilators
CPR room equipped with ceiling radiology
Plastering, suturing. Injection and dressing rooms
Triage center with independent nurse and secretary equipped with all standard necessities.
2 resident general physicians in emergency room on all hours.
1 Pediatrician on all ours throughout the day
Orthopedic Surgeon at night and even on holidays
General Surgeon at nights and on holidays as well
It is important to mention that Atieh hospital is bounded with the principals with their results being rapid and accurate service while considering humanitarian values.

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