The imaging complex includes radiography, C.T. scan, sonography, Doppler sonography,  mammography, panorex and M.R.I. 



-in radiography section, all casual and specialized radiographies are done under the supervision of experienced doctors and experts. This section has 2 radiography and 1 fluoroscopy devices.

- All E.R.C.P, sphinctrotomy, C.BC. Stone removal, services are done under gastro-enterologists supervision.
-Performing drainages, biopsy under radiologist supervision.All digestive tract radiologies such as esophagus, stomach, pancreas, small intestine and specialized radiographies of the urinary tract such as I.V.P, V.C.U.G as well as histerosalpingography and other specialized tests by means of the latest mammography, panorex and cephalography devices.
-Spiral C.T scan device capable of performing all biopsies under C.T guide and performing P.R.T test.
-Ordinary/regular and Doppler sonography device for all sonographies, biophysical, 3D and 4D Doppler, transvaginal under radiologist supervision and performing all biopsy tests under sonography guide.

-M.R.I machine capable of performing all tests.

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