This operation theatre has characteristics which makes it different to the other operation theatres in the Day Care center. They are:
-it provides access to specialized section in case of patient’s need. The casual surgery department has no access to the specialized sections in case of emergency.
-central sterilization room provides Sadaf operation theatre with adequate sterile instruments and equipment.

It is equipped with bronchoscopy and cystoscopy devices. Beautification surgeries such as rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty are also done here. Bronchoscopy such as tracheoscopy diagnosis, removal of foreign bodies, and children bronchoscopy are done here as well.

Providing an ideal environment for psychiatry ward patients before shock therapy procedures (E.C.T).the patient is calmly transferred to the operation room and shock therapy is performed by a psychiatrist in presence of an anesthesia specialist and then returned to the original section.

-since patients do not need to stay admitted at night and surgical procedures are done during the day using day care tariffs, costs have become cheaper and more affordable.

Sadaf operation theatre by benefiting from modern and update equipment is prepared to service the respected doctors and patients with the highest quality.
-DG HALL device for hemorrhoid operations.
-compact systourothroscope for children’s urologic surgeries.
-Treatment procedures for brachytherapy which includes placement of applicator and catheter with sterile conditions in the operation room.

General or local anesthesia is given if required so unlike radiology the radioactive origin is places close to the tumoral tissue or the organ on which the ray therapy is to be performed.

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