Preparing patients for C-section, natural delivery, looking after low weight babies, monitoring the embryo’s heart and performing milking are all done here.

Characteristics of MILAD operation theatre:
One the main characteristics of the MILAD operation theatre are the presence of gynecology and babies section, delivery room and ladies operation theatre close to each other which has provided much ease in servicing the patients.
-All operation theatre personnel including anesthesians, nurses and assistants are ladies.
-All things used by patients such as anesthetic instruments like tube, baby mask. or operation theatres instruments such as gowns are use-and-throw which reduce the possibility of infection to minimum or even zero.

-In addition to heating and cooling systems (negative pressure) electric blankets on the operation bed, bring comfort to the patient as well.
-One of the things to be noticed is skin to skin contact of the mother and her baby in the first minutes after birth in the recovery room.
-Efficient and well experienced staffs of the operation theatre describe each action for the patient before doing it in order to reduce their stress and anxiety.
-After the operation, hydraulic stretchers transfer the patients with the least pain.

-Complete and high resolution recording of the C-section surgery on mothers’ demand.
-Well experienced surgeons of this operation theatre describe the benefits and effective results of the placental blood sampling for the mothers.
-Presence of central sterilization room with the new BELIMED device in the operation theatre, has vanished the possibility of lack of sterile equipment despite the numerous surgeries
-Presence of N.I.C.U so close to the MILAD operation theatre has provided fastest and easiest transfer of the babies to N.I.C.U after any problematic C-section surgeries.
-Pain clinic is active in order to reduce the post-operative pain, on all hours of the day.
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