This section with its complete equipment and 24 hours monitoring has Men I.C.U and WOMEN I.C.U sectors.
Post I.C.U is the place where patients with the worst states are treated by the most skilled doctors and nurses and also by means the most recent advancement in technology.

This section admits the following group of patients:
-I.C.U patients are admitted here to continue their treatment after relative improvement and being extubed.
-Patients transferred here from other sections that need intensive care.
-Direct admission.
-Admission through emergency section.

After admission the patient is then checked for support and maintenance of the respiratory tract, consciousness levels, cardiac and pulmonary performance, hemodynamic conditions, nutrition, absorption and discharging.
All specialized doctors such as brain and neuro surgeons, cardiologists, hormonologists, orthopedics, toxicologists, anesthesians shall visit the patients daily of required so.

Equipment in this section includes: Portable monitor, suction, oxygen, pulse oximetry, sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, 1 thermometer for each bed, 12 automatic beds, 1 portable suction, 3 potable sphygmomanometer, 2 zoll-shock machines, 2 portable pulse oximetry machines, 2 imported pace makers, 4 infusion pump machines, 1 nebulizer machine, 3 cold steam machines, 7 portable oxygen capsules, 2 central monitors and a roll for transferring patients.
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