This is the surgical section where 60% to 70% of the patients who require surgery receive pre and post-operative care. The surgeries are:
Orthopedic surgeries such as Pcl-Acl, fracture of knee, hip joints, arthroscopy of knee, shoulder joints

General surgeries including different kinds of clatters (breast, colon), intestine obstruction, appendix, gallbladder surgery by laparoscopy method, thorax surgeries, brain and neuro-surgeries (disc, hematoma drainage, brain cancer and …), urologic surgeries of prostate by prostatectomy method, bladder cancer turn open.
Open heart surgery. Patients are transferred here from I.C.U and are looked after.
E.N.T (ear, noseand throat) surgeries like rhinoplasty, septum deviation, tonsil surgery.

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