Saba section is specified to internal surgeries.
In this section patients who require different kinds of surgeries such as: Orthopedic, urology, general surgeries with open, advanced or laparoscopic methods, brain and neurosurgeries, spinal cord, esthetic surgeries, plastic surgery, E.N.T(ear, nose, throat) surgeries , thorax surgery are admitted and treated .

Patients who require different cardio-vascular surgeries which includes:
Various surgeries for grafting coronary arteries repair or replacement of heart valves, reconstructive surgeries for vascular aneurysm with open or closed (angioplasty) are taken care by the nurses of this section before and after the operation.

-specialized nurses of this section who have gone through additional chemotherapy courses are proud to be servicing the patients in need.
-in this section patients with different issues such as: digestive, neural, excretive, hormonal, diabetic, pulmonary and cardio-vascular disorders are admitted and treated here.

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