Premature infants and babies/infants who are born with respiratory issues are admitted in NICU.


Multi born babies (twins, Triplets…) are also admitted treated and then dismissed here.


Procedures done in N.I.C.U include:
Admission of the infant, opening of peripheral vessels, infant monitoring, determination of respiratory scores, intubation,  emplacement of assisted respiration be means of a ventilator, emplacement of chest tube in case of Pneumothorax onset, post-operative care for infants diagnoses with imperforated Anus, diaphragmatic hernia and esophageal atresia.
Treating patients with cardiac disorders, medicine therapy, injection of surfactant particularly in case of premature babies, absolute nurturing with mother’s milk through mouth and in case of premature babies by means of gavage and stomach intubation; resulting in gradual weighting of these babies.
Frequent trainings are held for mothers for feeding their babies and handing them the right medication specially the supplements in case of premature babies and then if the mothers’ preparations to keep the baby are approved, her baby would ready to dismiss.
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