Atieh Hospital Labor room located on the 4th floor of the hospital is accepting mothers for delivery of pre-pregnancy services during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
  • Natural delivery in Atieh Hospital with the presence of a midwife on the maternity clinic from the beginning of admission to delivery by choosing anesthetic methods (epidural and using Entonox gas) and helping to calm the delivery with aromatherapy and acne therapy and using massage techniques. And the use of the ball and ... in a calm and intimate setting for mothers.
  • Physiological delivery classes consisted of 8 sessions from the beginning of the week 20 weeks to 37 weeks of pregnancy including: personal hygiene, nutrition, mental health, signs of pregnancy warning, the choice of proper delivery and planning for delivery, education of various stages of delivery and aftercare Maternal education, training in lactation, training on various types of analgesia and health and health of the baby along with exercises, relaxation, massage, film screening and ... by the Attium Maternity Hospital, which must be registered in the mothers' classes before From the 20th week, call the following phone numbers for registration:  82723493 - 82723491
  • Also, mothers who are physicians who are from the Atieh Hospital can contact any of the questions during pregnancy up to 42 days after childbirth with the following phone numbers and delivery room midwives are ready to respond all day and night. (82723491 - 82723493)
  • Postpartum birth certificate is issued by the parent of the birth certificate, the national card number and the baby's vaccine card, and a copy of the first page of the parent's birth certificate is issued up to 2 weeks after delivery.
  • Pregnancy Clinic located in Soodbakhsh Clinic in the Negative Floor 1 of the Hospital on Sundays, Tue, and Wednesday 9-12 provides contraceptive counseling and education for pregnancy, childbirth, and free livelihood education.


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